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GreyEx Dual Anti Grey Hair Treatment. Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

  • GreyEx is a dual anti grey hair treatment with repigmenting technology which reverses gray hair naturally and restores your natural hair color.

    Benefits of GreyEx

    1. Reverse the hair-graying process.
    2. Reduces hair-whitening.
    3. Increases black hair density.
    4. 100% response rate.
    5. Increases hair follicle pigmentation by up to 141%
    6. Extends the life of melanin in Your hair.
    7. Helps to recover natural hair color.
    8. Protects hair from UV damage.
    9. Clinically proven.

    Details of GreyEx

    1. Composition / Ingredients Glycerin, Water & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20
    2. Perfect for Your Scalp, Beard & Eyebrows.
    3. Men & Women (Unisex)
    4. 30ml 1oz bottle 1 Month supply.
    5. Applicator: Dropper & Spray.
    6. Local Pick up Available in Johannesburg.
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    9. 90 days money back. Easy returns.
    10. FDA Approved Manufacturer. Our products are not sourced or made in China.
  • Direction Of Use - Spray

    1. Open the cap & remove the seal.
    2. Insert the spray applicator into the bottle.
    3. Screw on the spray applicator & remove the safety clip.
    4. Aim the pump towards the grey area, press once & spread the solution with Your fingertips.

    (Repeat 5 times to apply a dose of 1ml of solution)

    Direction Of Use - Dropper

    1. Open the cap & remove the seal.
    2. Insert the dropper into the bottle.
    3. Take the content into the dropper to fill the volume up to the 1ml line.
    4. Put the content of the dropper towards the grey area of the scalp and spread evenly with Your fingertips.


    1. Remember to wash your hands with soap & water after each application.
    2. Keep the safety clip on the spray applicator when not in use/tighten the cap in case of dropper.

    Important Guidelines

    1. GreyEx needs to be used once daily for 3-6 months for visible results.
    2. GreyEx is safe to use long term, and this course can be repeated when needed.


    1. Liquid Solution


    1. There are no known incompatibilities or restriction as of today.

    Special Warning

    1. Avoid contact with eyes.
    2. Keep out of reach of children.
    3. For external use only.


    1. Store at a temperature below 30°C / 86°F
    2. Do not freeze.


    1. 30ml / 1oz 1 Month Supply.
  • What Causes Gray Hair?

    Gray hair is caused when Your hair follicles cease to produce melanin – the pigment that gives hair its color and the decrease in melanogenesis and the increase in oxidative stress in the hair bulb.

    The appearance of grey hair is a phenomenon directly related to the lack of melanin in the hair bulb.

    The common reasons for the early onset of graying:

    1. Genetic traits.
    2. Excessive exposure to UV rays.
    3. Dietary deficiencies.
    4. Environmental pollution.
    5. Smoking.
    6. Stress, oxidative stress.
    7. Hair chemicals and dyes containing harmful ingredients like hydrogen peroxide.

    What Is GreyEx?

    GreyEx is a Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide known to be the main molecule, which is capable of stimulating melanin formation, called melanogenesis.

    GreyEx is capable of binding to the transmembrane receptor located on the surface of the melanocytes. With the activation of MC1-R, this receptor stimulates the melanogenesis process, as well as the expression and activity of the catalase, which reduces the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as an accelerating element of the grey hair formation process.

    How Does GreyEx Work?

    GreyEx stimulates melanogenesis to increase the production of melanin in the follicles.

    GreyEx reduces oxidative stress, thus decreasing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide, which maintains the complete color of the pigment.

    Will GreyEx Make My Hair Black?

    GreyEx can’t darken Your natural hair color. It’s will act only on grey hair to recover Your genetically programmed hair color.

    When Is The Ideal Application Time For GreyEx?

    GreyEx can be applied either in the morning or at night (Once Daily).

    Will GreyEx Work For Me If I Have A Hereditary History Of Gray Or White Hair?

    GreyEx works until melanocytes are present, hence it will work for you even if there is hereditary history in your family provided GreyEx is started when melanocytes are active.

    How Long Do I Have To Use GreyEx Before I See Results?

    GreyEx is not a dye and needs to be used once daily for a minimum of 3 to 6 months for visible results.

    Is GreyEx It Sulfate & Ammonia Free?

    Yes, GreyEx is Sulfate & Ammonia free.

    How Is GreyEx Different Than Conventional Dye’s?

    Dye’s contains chemical compounds that can cause scalp irritation.

    Dye’s contain artificial colors and is not permanent.

    Will GreyEx Prevent My First Gray Hair?

    If you start applying early, GreyEx will also prevent the appearance of gray hair.

    Is GreyEx Safe?

    GreyEx is a topical solution and has an excellent safety profile.

    Can I Use GreyEx On My Beard?

    Yes, You can use GreyEx for Your beard, Your scalp and even Eyebrows.

    Is GreyEx Suitable For Women With Gray Hair?

    Yes, GreyEx is suitable for women with gray hair.

    Does GreyEx Work For Blonde Hair?

    Yes, GreyEx works for blonde hair.

    Is GreyEx Colorless Or Black?

    GreyEx is colorless.

    Where Is GreyEx Manufactured?

    Manufactured in the India by Intas Pharmaceuticals.